Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Less is More

Lately, there is less colour in the early morning. The thick fog is the new variant of air that I breathe in for breakfast. I have to try harder to sniff the aroma of my coffee in such damp air. I have to contract my eyes trying to see more when the visibility is less and more people are at risk on the road. It is on the news that more lives are lost in the recent road accidents. The weather and the road with their sombre morning mood are less hyper when Lucky and I are both eager experiencing the road in Dubai.

Less colour, more white

In the afternoon there is less white in the sky. The clouds are fanned away from us. Dubai is progressing to regain its bright blue sky. There are still some white form in the sky, holding on, struggling against the current and turbulence above. They are thin but strong. I wonder for how long they are able to hold on. I am sure that soon I will see an absolute blue in the sky. But other things may come along. The morning fog, the sand storm and other spectacular surprises could change the colour of our days. There is no more certainty in anything. And by the way, I can't be so sure that I will not get dengue in Dubai. The mosquitoes are here, as Nyonya in Dubai has nagged her neighbours.

Less white, more blue

There is an exaggerated exodus reported in Dubai. It may not be literally true. But we have less people in Dubai now. At least I can tell that from the movers' activities at the lobby of my apartment. In two weeks time I have seen the piles of belongings in two separate occasions . The piles are signs of neighbours leaving the building and movers making money. The neighbours might leave Dubai to their home countries. Or they might just move to another building nearby available at lower rent. I didn't ask to be certain because they were not as nice as the neighbour who gave me Orked. The rent has gone down. The landlord gets less return from his property. The tenant gets more options. The table has turned. Life is fair.

Another neighbour leaving


Inah said...

be careful when u drive in the morning :)

Ms B said...

It is the same sentiment over here. Rent has gone down for most properties. Even that doesnt appeal to potential tenants as I have seen many properties remain on the market for quite some time.

The future remains uncertain but for now, the principle that my friends and I hold is that, as long as the country wants us, we shall stay and contribute to the economy (and we are talking 40% tax here!).

hady said...

saya sukakan winter
sayang nya winter sudah mahu berakhir
winter tahun depan, belum tentu saya di mana..

rakan rakan juga sedikit demi sedikit sudah mula meninggalkan dubai
harap saya dapat terus setia di sini
saya sukakan dubai!
tapi dubai belum tentu suka kan saya..

Syamsulfaiz said...

life is fair. it is also like a rolling wheel. you can be on top and at the bottom of it.

ms.d said...

oh i miss the foggy, gloomy and rainy days in glasgow...

and i miss my neighbour too! as well as the security officer in my apartment..ahaha

winter is coming to an end...dont say goodbye, coz it wont take that long...definitely...welcome summer!..

ada summer sale tak kat sana? or memang tiap2 hari pun sale? hehehe

Jumper said...

Thanks for the reminder.Insyallah I will be careful.

Ms B,
40% tax is a generous and honourable contribution. That strikes me to be thankful to work here with 0% tax. But not sure how long this can be sustained.

I hope you'll be here for next winter and the many winters after, until you get tired of it...
I love Dubai, too. I like summer as much as winter. Summer means more skin, more sweats, more beach actions and it's time to get into that blue sea. Isn't that sexy?

But for us the tenants, we're at the bottom and being ridiculed by the greedy & demanding landlords. Last June I was hoping to get a place in Dubai Marina and the landlord was demanding in his snobbish take-it-or-leave-it attitude that really pissed me off. So now that we're at the top, we'll see....

I'm an impulsive buyer. If I fancy a thing I can't wait for the next sales. So I really have lost track of sales in Dubai. Dubai Sales Festival (DSF) is over but some of the items sold are still on sales. There'll be a summer sales for sure.

[danial][ma] said...

hej! Jumper...season changes, people come and go, and hope that the gloomy economic won't bring any more chaos...

Al Khalifah said...

Enjoy your 'Lucky' and drive safely...

Jumper said...

Indeed, it's better be hopeful than hopeless.

Al Khalifah.
Thank you.