Monday, 30 March 2009

Press Cutting

The Earth Hour is over now. What is left now is the conscience at the back of the minds for those who support this initiation and also the commitment to do our bits. As for me, I have my words heard and printed in today's Gulf News.

The reporter decided to put on the print the photograph in which I was backing the camera. I was chatting with a friend, Ahmed who came with his gorgeous girlfriend to join the crowd. So I was not on the spotlight. Ahmed's girlfriend (the girl standing between the A and R) and my Karrimor grey backpack are the ones shine in the limelight.

Reading on, I saw my details and words being printed. It is kind of weird feeling. I was a little shy, a little honoured and a little disbelief. Overall, I consider Kevin, the reporter, came out with about 80% accuracy in his story telling. It's a good job considering hardly any story is 100% accurate. If I were given a chance to amend a bit, I would remove the word 'extremely' since I have no recollection at all of using that word that night and also to replace the sentence 'my wife and children attended the similar event in Kuala Lumpur' with 'my wife and children switched off the lights and watched a movie in Klang'. That's the truth though it's a lot less favourable. Anyway, the man has to do with what he has to do in that nick of time, in the darkness, with the crowd and all the noises.

The full report can be read by clicking here.
Lastly, Kevin made a small error in his report. They were not candles that spelled EARTH HOUR. They were battery-operated miniature lights. Luckily, they didn't use candles, otherwise when it rained, the aliens would laugh at our snuffed candles.


Inah said...

waah..u're in the news!!

azizi said...

wow wee....
that's cool ;-)
no worries, reporter tends to exaggerate things.
after all, readers love something sensational. ;-)
good job. for your support.

Luana said...

hi its portuguese i'm also sorry that you dont undrestand it you can always try the google translator.
your bolg its realy cool i liked the post of red waves i never read anything like that before.
have i nice day also and hope to read new post from you

Syamsulfaiz said...

It always feels good whenever I read about another Malaysian in foreign newspaper (in good news of course). You have done your part as a good citizen by promoting Kuala Lumpur as well. I am proud of you brother!

I hope you have switched on the light by now. Reading in the dark may strain your eyes..:-P

Nite Garden said...

Absolutely feel great when words are heard..

Happy belated birthday Jumper..

hady said...

kenapa lama tak update blog?

senyap saja lately...

Roti Kacang Merah said...

GAHHH!!! how could i missed this entry of yours??!!

WOW a day of fame!!! aren't you lucky to have a blog and able to put up an entry on this as a record! *winks*

laaa, surat khabar sana pun suka sensationalize things, ya.

hope you are well.

Jumper said...

Yes, I'm the news. Thankfully it's not for the unsavoury thing.

You've got a point there, the reporters give what the readers want to read.

Well it's in my list to do...which is how to use the google translator.
Thanks for dropping by. Have a nice day.

Thank you.
Yes, with the earth hour and all, still, I have to leave the lights on some nights till dawn when I have a good book to accompany me on my bed.

In The Nite Garden,
Thank you...

Sorry lah. I've been busy with activities that really drain my energy. So lately little is left to sit and blog...

Sensationalization?? Biasalah that's media way to cari happens every where.
By the way that day your hubby was really smart when he was on the news. Surely, you must be proud of your man...