Sunday, 22 May 2011

A Renewed Life in the Sandpit

Life in the sandpit

The other day, I dragged myself on a hot and humid day to an authorized centre for blood screening. It is a mandatory process for the renewal of residence visa in UAE. After a few days I got my passport attached with the new residence visa which allows me to have the legal right to play in this sandpit for another 3 years. So how's life in the sandpit after 3 years? Had I gained much from it? Was it worth it? Did I have fun? How many years more am I destined to be here? These are the introspective questions that hit me as I look at the new sticker nicely attached on my passport. I said to myself, only God knows, nothing is certain in this sandpit but all I know for now, I've had a good playtime. I could've played harder and that's exactly what I should be doing this new season. Have a sweet and sweaty summer!