Thursday, 5 March 2009


I have started the new season of my running. I have rested for almost 2 months and now I am back on my feet again, running. I have set to improve my training and diet. My target now is not to finish my next marathon; but to finish it below 4.5 hours. My next marathon will be the Dubai Marathon 2010. Yesterday, I was running the usual route in my neighbourhood. I stumbled upon the access block which has been gated and cordoned off due to construction work. Annoyed and irritated, I ran off track and found myself running on a pathway that led to the backyard of an apartment building. Surprisingly, the winding and shaded pathway is a pleasant detour. I will not run on it if they don't block my usual route.

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A pleasant new found way

Since the first few weeks of my stay in Dubai, I have been dreaming of driving a Toyota FJ Cruiser. My neighbour has one, majestically white and elegantly parked. At one point I was almost certain that it would be the chosen one, my first option, my coveted prize.

The frontal view of my neighbour's Toyota FJ Cruiser

The rear view of my neighbour's Toyota FJ Cruiser

Today, I have come to my deadline to decide on the purchase of my car. Toyota FJ Cruiser has been my first option. However when I finalize my financial budget it turns out that if I were to own a brand new or even the 2007 make of it, I will exceed my budget on transportation. It is possible but with the shrinking of my savings and cutting of other expenses. The lesson that I learnt yesterday in my running sheds a ray of light into my decision making. Forget FJ and stick to the budget. That is the final verdict. So now, I have my affordable second best coming into my life, the Jeep Liberty Sport, 2007 make, V6, 3.7 liters, 6 cylinders, automatic, driven 29,000km and blue. I name it 'Lucky'. I hope Lucky will bring the pleasant surprise, to provide me with safe and joyful ride, to take me to places, on the road and off-road.

Side frontal view of Lucky

Lucky's rear view

We all have our eroding episodes of stumbling onto closed doors. We may have lost our hopes and dreams to get want we want. We have missed our chance to get our first option. We have lost and have to let go the coveted first prize. We have failed and got hurt in our first love. We have our many times of tears. But we are still here, no more crying but trying to let go and move on. So this is my running and driving stories, tied up together by the life's experience of losing an opportunity and finding another......


ms.d said...

oh great!! back on track for marathon!..all the best!!

i'm looking forward for my holiday trip now..counting the daysss....only then, i will try to get my feet back for marathon....heheee..

nice and 'macho' look jeep u've got there..more photos on your road and off road trip after this?

Ms B said...

Last para, nicely written.

sometimes i feel the decisions we made and the opportunity lost could probably lead to something better, if we learn to adjust our expectations.

[danial][ma] said...

hej! JUmper...whatever happened or came into life, we still lucky, and you still lucky, lucky to have a detour, a shaded detour, and lucky to have lucky too...yeah, as we clim a tree, we try to reach a higher branch, but normally we just can reach the one that our hands can hang on, but over time we can reach much higher branch later...;-)

Inah said...

good entry this time jumper!! btw, can i test drive?

i should start jogging too..hahaha :P

hady said...

number 1:
since i've been in dubai, i left my gym routine, at ALL. no more jogging - just blogging! macamana lah nak back to my ideal shape ni..

number 2:
why dont u get a sport car instead? luv merc benz SLK - two seat. will look good on you, trust me!

number 3:
er, miss D, then miss B, anyone wanna be miss X?

Jumper said...

Keep on counting the days for your much-anticipated trip. I really hope everything goes well and you'd have fun. I'm counting too, for the day to read an exciting entry of your Go East escapade. KL Marathon is coming soon, so hit the road and start running. I wish to join but it clashes with many events.

Ms B,
Thank you for coming over.
"...learn to adjust our expectations"..They're words of a wise woman.

Thank you for coming over.
You're right. With time, we may reach the higher branches. In the mean time, we need to develop stronger limbs, grow longer tails, and eat more bananas....

Sure you can, but you need to pass Dubai's driving test first. It's tougher than SPM and even STPM. I failed twice and passed on my 3rd attempt.
Just do it! (I mean, start jogging)

Winter is over. The nights are not that cold. So start night jogging, my friend.

I'm not a Mercedes boy and will never be but I don't mind being a BMW big boy. Cars state status. I'm married with 2 kids, not young and not rich. So 2-seat SLK doesn't fit my profile. It suits you maybe - the single yuppy. Instead, I'm wild, outdoorsy and a potential road bully, so Jeep defines me.

Syamsulfaiz said...

How come I missed this posting?? hmm

jumper we definitely speak in a same wavelength when it comes to our workhorse. I love FJ Cruiser and Jeep. I am not a merc boy and if I have to choose a car, a BMW will be my wheel.

I am still scratching my head (and butt) try to get my driving licence. Until then I keep on dreaming...