Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The New Running Shoes and Style

It took a great courage to let go off my old pair of running shoes. They have been my great buddies for more than 2 years and they have had signs of wearing out. I have about 2.5 months before the next marathon. It is time to get a new pair so that the new shoes could develop and match the contour with my feet.

The pair of antiques

It took a greater courage to let go off my old way of running. I have been running and believing in 'Just do it, just run'. I have had my inspiring moments by just running, feeling free and connecting with my inner self in the old way of running. Now I have turned to the new nano way of running in order to get better results. In this new way of running, I have to program the run, stay focussed on maintaining the consistent pace, keep track of the distance and review the performance.

The new wonder

My new running shoes are the white Nike Lunarglide with Nike iPod sensor receiver. I had my first run with them last Saturday. It was a 13km run. I could feel a better foot grip. The new shoes felt heavier but I guess after a couple of runs I will get used to them. There is a pocket under the insole of the left shoe where I have placed a sensor before I started the run. The run started and ended with a click on the iPod which I carried along in the run. Throughout the run, I was constantly checking on my pace on the iPod screen. There are also options to set the running music and voice feedback which I have yet tried during the last run. The details about the run were uploaded to nikeplus.com in which I have opened an account to track my running progress on-line. It was a fun running experience and I am really looking forward for the next run......

The running report

The satellite view of the running track around my neighbourhood, Discovery Gardens-Ibn Battuta-The Gardens


Inah said...

fancy shoes!! and with ipod..how cool is that :)

hope u will do well in that marathon :)

Al Khalifah said...

Good luck bro!

Ms B said...

*grins* you got yourself a new pair of shoes while I got dresses. Guess it's a shopping month!

G'luck on the marathon!

[danial][ma] said...

hej! jumper...take a good care of your shoes and it will take a good care of you too...run, run, forest gump...hehehehee...

p.s. as for me so crazy travelling around, i just bought another two backpacks, now i have ten backpacks...crazy!

Syamsulfaiz said...

Man... I am impressed with your determination for the marathon. You have been talking about it almost a year now, and still the spirit is very high.

WOW on the new shoes! I overheard my brother's conversation about it but I thought it was some invention to be seen.
Just curious, will the Ipod scream if you stop your run halfway? :p

azizi said...

same goes here,
but rarely using outside these days, as weather is getting colder.
keep on running, guess one of the best ways to enjoy nature as well *run forest run!*
and all the best.

anneaziz said...

Salam perkenalan Jumper!

I jumped too, but only from azizi's blog to yours.

Hebat nya your new running shoes! Hope it brings you to lots of happy places!


Jumper said...

Inah, Al Khalifah,
Thanks for the encouragement...

Ms B,
Indeed, what a shopping experience to release the pressure of the approaching year end.

I will take care of the shoes and run 'em well.
You are so right. 10 backpacks? That's crazy.

The voice feedback is decently programmed. So far it has given me instruction to walk around to activate the sensor at the beginning of the run and motivational wrap up at the end of the run. During the run he must have said something; but I wasn't listening. I let you know if he ever screams.

You got one yourself? Good..tell me how you deal with the delay when you end the run. My workout end always get delayed by a few minutes when I really have to struggle to swipe my awfully wet and sweaty finger on the center button to make selection to end the run.

Thanks for jumping in and thanks for the cheers!

sasha said...
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sasha said...

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